Software Developer Collaboration

The production of software seems unable to keep pace with the demand for useful software products. Everywhere we turn we see ways to apply our knowledge and skill to solve some important problem or to increase productivity through automation. The opportunities are endless, and yet the time and money needed to turn our ideas into wonderful products is always in short supply. Software is inherently complex, and its production is labor-intensive. It's easy to conceive ideas, but requires determination, perseverance, and collective action to bring them to fruition.


Tools and Collective Action

PerfectLogic has invested a great deal of time and money building tools to deal with the problem of complexity, and to overcome the obstacle that time in short supply creates. A partial solution to these problems is automatic code generation. By building a tool that automatically generates code for a whole class of complex problems two of the problems facing developers is solved. Firstly, the software developer is able to use the tool to produce great quantities of code in a flash. Secondly, the tool relieves the developer of the need to understand precisely how the code was produced, making it possible for him to focus his attention on other problems.

Our compiler writing tools are our most valuable software asset. They are particularly useful because so many programs rely on translators in one form or another.

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Our attention has been focused primarily on decision support applications, and tools to speed the construction of software systems. However, we are continually looking for new ways to leverage our knowledge, experience, and products. But there are many other interesting problems, large and small, simple and complex we would enjoy solving.

Products falling into one of the application areas listed below would be of interest to us. However, it is just a sampling of some of the many types of programs we might be interested in developing with you.

  • Educational programs;
  • Computer graphics applications;
  • Mathematical aids;
  • Software performance analysis;
  • Security software;
  • Data encryption and decryption.

An Invitation

The idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts applies to the production of software. Much more can be accomplished when software developers work collectively toward a common goal. We invite developers with good ideas and time on their hands to join with us in building that next great product.