Pulling together is so much easier than pulling alone. Recruiting talented employees, forming strategic partnerships with other companies, and working with software developers to create useful products are all avenues of opportunity.

PerfectLogic contributes to the success of software engineering efforts by bringing to bear the knowledge and talents of its employees. Partnering benefits both PerfectLogic and the corporate partner who is able to capitalize on our core capabilities. The focus of much of our work has been, and continues, to be the creation of software tools designed to reduce the cost of producing software, and at the same time to improve its quality. Bright and energetic software developers are invited to collaborate with us in this important work.

Corporate Partnering

Large company or small business, it makes no difference. It makes good sense to find a partner to share the load. Exploiting the resources of a corporate partner can promote business expansion and increase profitability. PerfectLogic Corporation invites proposals for the formation of partnerships, strategic alliances, or teaming arrangements with companies wishing to exploit either our products or the specialized knowledge we possess. Learn more...

Software Developer Collaboration

The production of software seems unable to keep pace with the demand for useful software products. Everywhere we turn we see ways to apply our knowledge and skill to solve some important problem, or to increase productivity through automation. The opportunities are endless, and yet the time and money needed to turn our ideas into wonderful products is always in short supply. The idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts applies to the production of software. Much more can be accomplished when software developers work collectively toward common goals. We invite developers with good ideas and time on their hands to join with us in building that next great product. Learn more...