The transport of data between two software systems is a complex and time consuming operation operation requiring extreme care. Data transport between databases may be required when two or more information management systems exchange data, either periodically or sporadically. It is a task required when replacing legacy systems with newer ones. Because software systems typically express and store information differently, the transfer of information from one database to another often involves data transformation.

Datagate™ is a database migration tool. It uses database design descriptions and user-defined data transformation rules to move and transform data. The source and destination databases may be either relational databases or record-oriented file systems. Data from the source may be converted to conform to the design of the destination database.

Functional Description

DataGate reduces the cost of migrating databases. It uses database design descriptions (i.e., physical data models) and transformation rules to transport in bulk, data from one database to another. Transformation rules dictate the way in which data elements from the source database or file system are transformed before reaching the destination database. A source data element may undergo no transformation at all. It may be converted from one data type to another; its size might change; it might be combined with one or more other data elements; or a single data item might be divided into several separate data items in the destination database. Transformation rules specify:

  • Location of source database element(s) to be moved;
  • Location in the destination database to which the source data elements will be moved; and
  • All transformation operations performed on the source data elements;

Transformation rules are created, deleted, and modified using a plain-text editor. Alternatively, a special graphical user interface supplied with DataGate may be used. This user interface is intended to enhance a user's understanding of transformation rules.

DataGate includes an error detection and error reporting facility. Operations on source and destination data elements are validated to ensure data integrity, logical consistency, and completeness. Errors, when detected, are reported and suggestions for corrective action given.

DataGate examines each object in the physical data model for the destination database. It identifies the source data element(s) and the conversion operations to perform during transformation and mapping. Prescribed transformations are performed, results are validated, and insert commands are generated and made a part of a SQL load script. A simplified view of DataGate operations is graphically depicted in the figure below.


DataGate simplifies and speeds data migration and data exchange operations. It ensures data integrity by validating data transformations. DataGate is able to quickly adapt to changes in database design. Adaptation is accomplished simply by modifying the rules associated with those data object whose design has changed. The construction of DataGate using compiler technology and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) free it from DBMS vendor dependencies, and to some extent on operating systems and programming languages .


Here are some of DataGate's distinguishing features:

  • Uses Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), eliminating dependency on DBMS vendors;
  • Has a graphical user interface and editor for creating, deleting and modifying data transformation rules;
  • Because its rule interpreter is automatically generated from a rule grammar, its functionality is easy to extend or modify;
  • Includes a comprehensive error detection and reporting facility;
  • Execution monitoring facility is useful in diagnosing and locating software failures;


DataGate is a proprietary tool built and owned by PerfectLogic. It has been has been used on client projects to simplify and speed the transport of data between two databases. PerfectLogic continues to make it available to its clients. Presently, there are no plans to sell this product to a wider market. Feel free to contact us for additional information.