SimWorkbench™ is a design, implementation, and testing aid that speeds the development of flight applications. It gives engineers and software designers a toolkit containing tested solutions to many of the problems they are likely to encounter. SimWorkbench™ features a user-programmable shell for controlling and monitoring execution of flight programs; a simulated motion sensor generator; and a library of software units for defining reference frames, and effecting coordinate transformations.

Simulation Shell

The user interface to SimWorkbench™, referred to as the Simulation Shell, provides facilities to,

  • Create flight scenarios;
  • Simulate flight following user-created scenarios;
  • Monitor and record aircraft state during flight simulation;
  • Define frames of reference;
  • Automatically generate program source code to effect coordinate transformations; and
  • Provide easy access to a library of software components;

Component Library

Each flight system is designed to satisfy particular requirements. The precise design chosen for implementation will depend on specific functional requirements, the type of air vehicle, the sort of position and motion sensing equipment used, and a host of other factors. However, all flight systems share many common elements. This is expected, as they must all solve the same fundamental problem; that of guiding and controlling an air vehicle moving above the Earth's surface.

The component library included with SimWorkbench™ is a collection of program units performing important functions that speed development by reducing problem complexity, especially for those software designers who do not possess a firm grasp of the physical theory underlying flight dynamics. Library units may be used in several ways. They may be:

  • Incorporated "as" is into an implementation;
  • Modified to suit the designers special needs;
  • Used a guide for re-implementation; or
  • Used to validate the correctness of a design.

The library includes components that:

  • Perform a operations related to the Earth geoid model.
  • Perform rotations and translations of coordinates, and vectors.
  • Compute quantities such as range, bearing, time and distance to target, cross track distance, et cetera.
  • Determine turn point distances.
  • Perform unit conversions.
  • Compute aircraft state from sensor inputs.


SimWorkbench™ is a proprietary tool built and owned by PerfectLogic. It has been used on client projects to speed the development of flight-related applications and to provide a platform simulating and testing guidance and control software. PerfectLogic makes this product available to its clients. Presently, there are no plans to sell this product to a wider market. Feel free to contact us for additional information.