PerfectLogic designs, builds, tests, and maintains software systems. We provide software engineering services to clients in government, private industry, and educational institutions. Our knowledge and experience is applied to all phases of the development process from conception to retirement. Our judicious application of method and knowledge, drawn from science and engineering, to problems in aerospace, finance, telecommunications, and information technology is where we shine.

PerfectLogic Corporation has contributed to the development of flight simulators, rule-based budgeting systems for the Department of Defense, information management systems for the telecommunications industry, and software development tools.

PerfectLogic is dedicated to the success and interests of its customers, tailoring solutions to their particular needs. We are acutely aware of the risks inherent in software development efforts, and have devised strategies and products to correct the problems arising from poorly designed and poorly managed projects.

The PerfectLogic Team

Members of the PerfectLogic team are selected for their maturity and character, for their formal training and experience, and for their commitment to excellence. At PerfectLogic we realize that specific knowledge of software development tools and programming languages is important. However, we believe that the intellectual capabilities and drive of our employees has a far greater influence on successful outcomes.

To learn why we believe the software engineer is so important to outcomes, feel free to read our opinions on this important aspect of software development.

The Services We Provide

Designing and building successful software systems is what we do. For us, this means a great deal more than just writing programs. It involves a planning, assembling software organizations, creating efficient development environments, faithfully capturing and recording requirements, designing software architectures, searching for and introducing relevant technologies, monitoring progress, and devising testing strategies.

Core Competencies

By virtue of experience and training PerfectLogic employees are especially competent at crafting solutions to problems that involve:

Applications of Special Interest

People perform better when doing the things they genuinely enjoy and that bring into play their special talents. PerfectLogic is particularly well-suited, by virtue of its experience and interests, to satisfy clients engaged in the development of

  • Real-time military and scientific applications;
  • Financial information management systems;
  • Decision support and rule-based systems;
  • Productivity enhancing products;
  • Custom translators for special-purpose programming languages.

Advice to customers

The cost of building and maintaining software is high. We believe the high cost is caused largely by:

  1. Failure to apply sound software engineering principles and practices;
  2. Missing opportunities to use tools and technologies designed to speed development and improve quality; and
  3. Unwarranted trust in programmers not well-suited by training, aptitude, or temperament, to the task of building programs.

Consumers of software services who understand the factors influencing cost and quality are better prepared to make wise choices when planning software systems projects. We invite readers to peruse our published articles, whether they are considering PerfectLogic as a candidate supplier, or are merely interested in understanding the implications of method, tools, and capabilities on cost and quality.